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a side-striped palm viper

To me, this snake represents beauty, danger, and serendipity. The beauty of its colors, how it weaves itself into the foliage, how it waits with absolute patience. Danger in how it senses the heat of an animal, strikes in less time than a blink, injects deadly venom into its prey. The serendipity that put me in the right time and place to take this photo.


A Side-striped Palm Viper in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

The Side-striped Palm Viper, one of Costa Rica’s 23 poisonous snakes. Click to enlarge.


The Story:

Exhausted after hiking in the Cloud Forest since early morning, Continue reading

spring colors abound

After mating, nest preparation, and raising of chicks is complete, the male Wood Duck takes on the drab colors of his “eclipse” phase. Over the following months, however, he develops the spectacular colors you see here, designed to attract a mate and start the cycle over again.

Wood Ducks are common in the Pacific Northwest. They are often skittish Continue reading

lake sammamish drama

I’ve decided to undertake a review of the 140,000 photos in my catalog, deleting many I don’t like and posting some favorites here. A perfect project for the age of Covid, given Tina and I are doing more quarantining than most folks we know.

In June of 2011, I watched from my kayak as this Bald Eagle captured a fish. Here’s the four-photo sequence: Continue reading